Green Widow *Sativa*


The iconic Green Widow strain has been a favorite among consumers since the ’90s and its global popularity continues to escalate. You can find this hybrid in Amsterdam’s coffee shops, but thanks to Weeds TV show references and mentions by rappers, it is now even more accessible than ever before! This specific strain of cannabis is a combination of Brazil Sativa and South Indian Indica, which creates an even ratio between sativa and indica at 60:40. With this delicate balance, users can anticipate relaxed yet focused effects that ease any worries or tensions while still allowing for clear cognitive thinking. Patients who desire the ability to unwind without compromising mental clarity will opt for White Widow time after time! With its thick cover of white crystals, Green Widow earns its name and is known to be especially helpful for managing depression, stress-related issues, pain relief and PTSD. However, novice smokers should take caution when smoking this strain as the initial light smoke can become overwhelmingly full if you are not prepared—potentially resulting in heavy coughing. The sweet sugary smell gives off a citrusy scent with a hint of pepperiness that lingers on your palate long after the last puff. So why not enjoy it while taking advantage of some outdoor activities such as strolling at the beach or going out for leisurely walks?

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