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We ship all of our products through Canada Post’s Xpresspost Service. Typically, orders take 2-3 business days to arrive; however, please note that shipments to remote areas may take up to 5 business days. no matter your location, we offer a wide variety of cannabis products – including edibles, concentrates and extracts – that can be delivered directly to you.

What’s the old saying? Too many weed delivery services, too little time? Ottawa recently legalized cannabis and since then, public acceptance of it has increased. With this newfound popularity comes a proliferation of dispensaries and delivery options which can be overwhelming for consumers.

Luckily, at TropicExotic we’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing by creating a list of top-rated dispensaries and delivery providers in your area. You don’t have to go from place to place anymore just to compare prices on the best cannabis products. You can now find them all in one convenient location, and they come from different reputable companies. The product options include various strains of weed, edibles, concentrates, as well CBDs, and magic mushrooms. And if you want maximum convenience, you can order everything online and we’ll deliver it right to your doorstep. Plus, our delivery is fast–you could either choose same-day weed delivery or visit a traditional pot shop close by. Regardless of what option you pick though know that we only list the best dispensaries and weed deliveries in North York so you’re guaranteed exceptional service every time.

Ottawa is a beautiful city located in the province of Ontario, Canada. The city is situated on the Ottawa River and is the capital of Canada. Ottawa is home to a diverse population and a variety of attractions, which make it an interesting and exciting place to live.

An Overview of Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, as well as its fourth-largest city. The city is situated on the banks of the Ottawa River, and it’s known for its stunning architecture, including many Neo-Gothic and Victorian-era buildings.

Ottawa is also home to a wide variety of museums and galleries, including the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of History. In addition, the city is a major center for science and technology, with several important research institutes and universities.

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History of Ottawa

Ottawa has a rich history that spans more than two centuries. It was founded in 1826 as Bytown, and later renamed Ottawa in 1855, after the then-British Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.

Over the years, Ottawa has played a significant role in the development of Canada. It’s home to the Parliament of Canada, as well as numerous other federal government institutions. In addition, Ottawa is also known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, which has helped to make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada.

People and Culture in Ottawa

Ottawa is a city that is rich in culture and diversity. You’ll find people from all walks of life here, and they all come together to celebrate the unique and vibrant city that Ottawa is.

There is a strong sense of community in Ottawa, and people are always willing to help out a neighbor or lend a hand. This is especially true during the winter, when the cold can be really unforgiving. But even in the summer, Ottawa is alive with festivals and events that bring people together from all corners of the city.

Ottawa is also home to some of the best restaurants in Canada. Whether you’re looking for international cuisine or something more traditional, Ottawa has something to offer everyone. And if you’re into craft beer, Ottawa is definitely the place for you!

Things to Do and See in Ottawa

If you’re in Ottawa, there are plenty of things to do and see. From outdoor activities like hiking and biking to exploring the city’s vibrant cultural scene, there’s something for everyone.

For those who love nature and the outdoors, Ottawa has plenty of trails and parks where you can enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try white water rafting down the Ottawa River? Or take a scenic drive to Gatineau Park for some stunning views!

For culture-lovers, Ottawa is home to world-class museums, galleries, performances and festivals. From the National Gallery of Canada to the Canadian Museum of History and many more, there’s always something new to explore. And of course don’t forget about Parliament Hill—take a walking tour around the clock tower and grounds for an insider’s look at Canadian politics!

Accomodations and Transportation in Ottawa

Ottawa has a wide range of accomodations, from hotels and hostels to rental apartments. You can find the perfect fit for your budget and preferences! And when you’re ready to explore, Ottawa’s public transportation system is easy and convenient to navigate. The city is well-connected by busses and trains, making it easy to get around.

You can also rent bicycles or join an electric scooter rideshare, both of which are very popular in Ottawa. There are also plenty of taxi services and ride-sharing options like Uber and Lyft if you prefer those over public transit. No matter what you choose, getting around Ottawa is a breeze!

Food and Shopping in Ottawa

Ottawa is no stranger to amazing food, both fine-dining and casual. With its variety of dining options, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your taste buds. From Italian, French, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, you’ll never run out of new dishes to try.

Shopping in Ottawa is also quite the experience. Whether you’re looking for unique Canadian craft pieces, vintage finds or designer clothes — Ottawa has it all! Stroll down Elgin Street for some great finds or go to Byward Market for fresh produce and unique items.

No matter where you decide to go for food or shopping in Ottawa, there is always something new and exciting waiting for you!

Life and Economy in Ottawa

Living in Ottawa means enjoying a high standard of life. The city boasts some of the best schools, access to world-class healthcare, and a diverse range of cultural opportunities. In addition to that, the cost of living here is reasonably low compared to other cities in the country.

This makes Ottawa an attractive destination for people looking for a quality lifestyle without breaking the bank. The economy is also doing quite well, with a robust job market, growing industries, and plenty of business opportunities.

In terms of employment, tech-related jobs are particularly popular in Ottawa. The city is home to one of Canada’s Silicon Valley-style startup communities and companies like Shopify and Kinaxis who call Ottawa “home”.

There are also plenty of other exciting corporate opportunities in sectors like finance and government services — making Ottawa an attractive place for career growth and development!

How to Smoke Cannabis in Ottawa

Cannabis is legal in Ottawa, just like the rest of Canada. But while it’s legal to possess and use it, there are a few rules you’ll need to abide by when smoking cannabis in Ottawa.

First, you have to be at least 19 years old to legally buy, possess or use cannabis. Cannabis can only be smoked in designated areas, including in private residences that are not shared with any other persons. Additionally, you can only smoke cannabis in public places if permitted by an outdoor-smoking by-law (which isn’t allowed on provincial parks).

Also, employers may prohibit or restrict the smoking or vaping of cannabis in the workplace. Finally, always remember to be respectful and considerate of others when smoking; some people may not feel comfortable with the smell of cannabis smoke and could possibly report it if it’s bothering them.

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