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Scugog is a township of about 22,000 people in the Durham region of the Greater Toronto Area, in Ontario.

Many residents commute to Toronto for work on a daily basis. The anchor and largest population base of the township is Port Perry.

When Lake Scugog was created by a dam in Lindsay in 1834, flooding created an island known as Scugog Island. The island was separated from Reach and Cartwright townships to form Scugog Township in 1856. In 1872 George Currie built a grain elevator which is now Canada’s oldest grain elevator. The new township was part of Ontario County.

The name Scugog is derived from the Mississauga word sigaog, which means “waves leap over a canoe”. This refers to the creation of Lake Scugog. Other sources indicate that it is a native word meaning swampy or marshy land.


Marijuana laws in Scugog

Pot lovers in Scugog are enjoying the many therapeutic benefits associated with taking cannabis. Since marijuana can help you relax, relieve pain, sleep better, and generally feel more comfortable, it’s no surprise that modern society is willing to experiment with this gift of nature. Clinical research continues to uncover new uses and benefits of weed, so we don’t see the Scugog pot community shrinking anytime soon. In fact, when you consider the welcoming people, lively events, beautiful cityscape, and potent weed, it’s clear that Scugog is a modern-day weed destination.

Prior to you buy cannabis online in cannabis delivery, it helps to rout marijuana laws to know what to remain clear of.

  • In Scugog, you need to be 19 years old or older in order to buy cannabis. This uses to both internet and likewise physical sales. 
  • The basic public possession restriction is 30 grams of dried marijuana- the exact same as the remainder of Canada.
  • You need to avoid utilizing cannabis in automobiles, locations with children, as well as anywhere where cigarette usage is banned. Each Ontario marijuana online will have their own limitations.
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Situated on the shores of Lake Scugog, the Township of Scugog is characterized by its scenic countryside, smaller hamlets and a thriving heritage downtown in Port Perry.

Begin your visit by enjoying some fine dining in downtown Port Perry and then try your luck at one of the slot machines or exciting game tables at the Great Blue Heron Casino, just east of the scenic town of Port Perry.

Visit the historic town of Port Perry and explore some of the unique boutiques, antique stores, quaint specialty shops and culinary delights. Relax and enjoy the scenery in Palmer Park by the picturesque waterfront and then be entertained by local performers at the Town Hall Theatre.

After exploring downtown Port Perry, taste fine wine and sparkling beverages at Ocala Winery Groups Inc or enjoy some local craft brewing at the Old Flame Brewing Co.

Other Cities

We also work and deliver goods to other cities.

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