1 gram ($10.00)
3.5 grams ($25.00)
7 grams ($50.00)
14 grams ($85.00)
28 grams ($150.00)


24k Gold – Hybrid Bulk

HP (8OZ) ($840.00)
POUND (16OZ) ($1,560.00)
QP (4OZ) ($480.00)
1/2oz (14g) ($55.00)
1oz (28g) ($90.00)


Alien OG – Hybrid BULK

HP (8OZ) ($505.00)
POUND (16OZ) ($865.00)
QP (4OZ) ($290.00)
1g ($15.00)
3.5g ($35.00)
7g ($65.00)
14g ($115.00)
28g ($200.00)
1 gram ($10.00)
3.5 grams ($20.00)
7 grams ($35.00)
14 grams ($65.00)
28 grams ($120.00)
HP (8OZ) ($672.00)
POUND (16OZ) ($1,248.00)
QP (4OZ) ($384.00)
1g ($15.00)
3.5g ($35.00)
7g ($65.00)
14g ($115.00)
28g ($200.00)
1/8oz (3.5g) ($20.00)
1/4oz (7g) ($35.00)
1/2oz (14g) ($65.00)
1oz (28g) ($120.00)
1/16oz (1g) ($10.00)


Chemo Kush – Hybrid BULK

HP (8OZ) ($672.00)
POUND (16OZ) ($1,248.00)
QP (4OZ) ($384.00)


Cherry Kush – Hybrid BULK

HP (8OZ) ($672.00)
POUND (16OZ) ($1,248.00)
QP (4OZ) ($384.00)
14g ($55.00)
28g ($90.00)

Order Hybrid Online in Toronto

After centuries of careful breeding and cultivation, modern cannabis strains are now a combination of indica and sativa varieties. These hybrids offer the desirable attributes from both types; therefore they’re perfect for marijuana aficionados seeking out the highest quality products available on the market today.

What Is Hybrid Cannabis?

If you desire an extraordinary experience, hybrid cannabis is your ultimate choice. By combining the genetic makeup of sativa and indica strains, hybrids feature the best blend of terpenes that makes them totally different from other varieties. Don’t miss out on this unique mixture – try it today! Hybrid strain classifications can be distinguished by their appearance, lineage, aroma and flavor. Buy the best hybrid in Toronto at TropicExotic online cannabis store. Furthermore, specific strains usually have higher levels of terpenes such as farnesene or bergamotene which are more commonly found in sativa-dominant hybrids while myrcene is present at larger concentrations in indica crosses.

How Is Hybrid Different From Indica or sativa?

In the past, cannabis products were divided into three main categories – indica, sativa and Hybrid. Recent studies have proven that this categorization is outdated due to Cannabis sativa L containing both indica and sativa species. Look no further than TropicExotic! Our precision delivery service will bring exactly what you need to your door. This means it’s not just one type of marijuana influencing our experience but rather a combination of all forms interacting with various cannabinoids (not simply THC), terpenes or flavonoids within our bodies for a unique outcome! The result? An entourage effect that can provide the best sensory journey each time you use it!

Are you in search of a nearby dispensary that can deliver your medical cannabis needs to you on the same day? Medical professionals suggest that when various medicinal components make contact, they create synergistic reactions tailored specifically for each person.

Shake off the myth that hybrid marijuana has significantly different effects and advantages than pure strains. It’s simply a mixture of indica and sativa, leading to diverse reactions in individuals – no more, no less. Therefore, treat hybrid cannabis the same way you would its unadulterated versions when it comes to their outcomes and rewards.

What Does Hybrid Weed Feel Like Compared to sativa and indica?

Are you curious about the potential of hybrid weed strains? Depending on what two plants were used to create it, different outcomes may occur. sativa often make users feel more invigorated and energized, while indica give off calming vibes that can help induce relaxation. For an all-inclusive experience that won’t leave you feeling cloudy minded, a combination strain is your best choice! Get your own cannabis experience and buy weed online! It’ll make sure to raise spirits and ease worries with its physical chillness yet maintain mental clarity simultaneously – achieving the perfect balance between body and mind.

Though there are instances of hybrids that do not perfectly combine the effects of both sativa and indica, some still show a clear dominance by one or the other. These can be classified as either sativa-Powered Hybrids or Indica-Influenced Hybrids respectively.

How are Hybrid Strains Created?

Cannabis cultivators can craft exclusive strain hybrids by purposefully pairing female and male marijuana plants from contrasting genetic heritages. Every plant imparts its distinct yields, cannabinoid levels, flowering period, plus immunity to illnesses or bugs. To produce a robust hybrid with dependable seeds and clones necessitates diligent labor on the part of breeders.

Despite its struggles, this challenging endeavor is precious as it allows growers to reap the advantages of sativa and indica’s individual qualities. Order cannabis online to try the best hybrid flower. Sativa offers a tremendous defense against mold while indica blooms rapidly; what does this mean? Growers are rewarded with elite yields in a shorter amount of time!

Sativa-Dominant Strain Effects

If you’re on the hunt for an invigorating and stimulating high, then turn to sativa-dominant hybrids. Pootie Tang, Mob Boss, and Glue #4 are surefire choices that can not only lift your mood but also reduce anxiety and depression symptoms with no paranoia – something many other strong sativa cannot promise. Don’t delay; these strains have everything you need all day long! They offer a major energy boost without any of the detrimental side effects. Take it from us: You won’t be disappointed when you choose one (or more) of these three incredible options!

Indica-Dominant Strain Effects

Looking for a more mild, calming marijuana experience? Indica-dominant hybrids are just the thing! Not only can they effectively relieve inflammation and distress while reducing pain, but their special blend of genetics helps to manage physical ailments without inducing overwhelming drowsiness or sluggishness afterwards. Using Toronto weed delivery all customers at age off 19 and over can buy the best hybrid marijuana in Toronto. With these varieties of cannabis you won’t have to worry about too much couch-lock either – making them the perfect option for an enjoyable and relaxed high.

To achieve maximum productivity throughout the day, cannabis can be extremely valuable. Popular indica-dominant types include Bubba Kush, Chunk Dawg, MK Ultra and Presidential Kush; whereas some sativa-dominant varieties are Sunset Sherbet, Stardawg and Valley Girl. The effects of these several kinds of marijuana will make it easier for you to focus on your duties while also creating a soothing surrounding which decreases stress levels significantly.

Balanced Hybrid Strain Effects

Hybrid strains offer the best of both worlds, combining sativa and indica genetics to deliver a remarkable experience. Longstanding users have been able to benefit from these balanced hybrids that provide restorative soul therapy while also inducing a calming feeling with an invigorating touch.

Feeling overwhelmed? Let the calming power of hybrid strains help you find tranquility. Consider Birthday Cake, Kandy Kush, Lemon OG and White 99 – their unique qualities won’t let you down! These blends can effectively reduce anxiety levels, relax your muscles and soothe mental stress to create an unforgettable experience.

Hybrid Strains Benefits 

If you’re looking to experience the best of both worlds, hybrid cannabis could be your answer. A perfect equilibrium is created from the combination of indica and sativa effects that are blended together, bringing about a calming relaxant through its indica properties as well as energizing effects thanks to its sativa. Don’t miss out – test one of the best hybrid strains with our same day weed delivery TropicExotic today! Hybrid cannabis may provide an excellent remedy for many conditions due to this blend of characteristics and results; one which allows it to surpass even its individual parent plants!

For a truly exceptional experience, hybrid cannabis strains offer the best of both sativa and Indica plants. And with countless potential benefits to help tackle physical and mental problems, it’s time we explore what these powerful hybrids have to offer!

Helps With Anxiety

After numerous studies and observations, it is becoming more clear that cannabis can be extremely beneficial in treating anxiety. sativa, indica, and hybrid strains of Cannabis contain a wide range of anxiolytic qualities which makes them ideal for either treatment or prevention when dealing with stressful feelings. The effects are already visible as many users have experienced its advantages firsthand.

For decades, research has pointed to the efficacy of three distinct types of Cannabis for reducing stress and fear. Encouraging feedback from various studies confirms their potential in offering relief. Amazingly, the CBD-dominant hybrids have a remarkable ability to regulate blood circulation within the brain and reduce stress. Get the best hybrid strains with our same day weed delivery. But that is not all! Scientific research has also demonstrated that these cannabinoids are highly proficient in relieving anxiety disorders such as PTSD, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and PD (Panic Disorder) while simultaneously reducing tension from deep inside.

Has Anti-Depressant Qualities

Sativa strains are the go-to choice when it comes to treating depression, anxiety and related issues. Research shows that sativa is a more effective remedy than other forms of treatment for reducing these mental health concerns. Plus, there are several ways you can consume sativa such as joints or tinctures; whatever suits your needs best! The leaves, flower tops and resins found in this strain make it an ideal option that ensures reliable results every time.

Through extensive research, the University at Buffalo uncovered valuable evidence that Marijuana has positive effects when treating depression related to stress. Their findings indicated that certain cannabis compounds may be beneficial for people with this condition. In particular, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol is very similar to our brains’ own endocannabinoids which further reveals the potential of marijuana in decreasing signs and symptoms of depression.

Good for Chronic Pain

Hybrid strains are becoming increasingly popular due to their precise combination of CBD and THC, providing excellent relief for mental health issues as well as physical pain. For those who utilize them correctly, hybrids can stimulate the brain’s response to distress which leads to significant alleviation from chronic aches and pains. Moreover, science has demonstrated that combining CBD and THC creates powerful healing properties – allowing those battling chronic distress or physical afflictions to find relief with this natural remedy. Are you experiencing persistent pain?

If you’re looking for a natural solution to your pain problems, then Master Kush and Harlequin could be the ideal choice! These widely-acclaimed strains are praised for their effective pain relief abilities. But if migraines or headaches top your list of difficulties, try Blue Dream hybrid – a balanced mix of sativa/Indica that provides maximum comfort!

Enhances Creativity

Let your creativity flare with sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis flower! This potent strain will ignite a spark of inspiration in your mind and ensure that it continues burning until you complete the task at hand. From painting to creative writing, this incredible product can help unlock abilities within yourself that would otherwise stay buried. Are you prepared to begin building something amazing? Take hold of sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis flower now and find out what marvels await!

Helps You Relax

Unwind in the best way possible with hybrid cannabis! Whether you’re cooking up a storm or binge-watching your favourite show, these tranquil strains and their calming effects will help dissipate any stresses from the day. Buy the best hybrid strains at Toronto’s best online dispensary. Even if mental health problems such as depression or anxiety don’t affect you, let hybrid cannabis be your secret to transforming an ordinary evening into one of utmost comfort – for everyone’s benefit!

Difference between indica, sativa, and hybrid marijuana strains

As people moved about the world, they faithfully brought along their treasured cannabis. Over time, Indica and sativa varieties slowly converged to form what we recognize today; however that wasn’t always so. It is widely accepted that colder temperatures were more accommodating for indica while tropical climes favored sativa‘ growth and development.

With the current extensive cross-breeding, it is extremely difficult to find a 100% pure indica or sativa cannabis strain. TropicExotic same day delivery service offers best hybrid strains for all customers at age off 19 and over in Canada. All readily available types are hybrid combinations that incorporate traits from both breeds in different proportions.

Selecting between different types of cannabis may seem like a basic decision, however it can easily lead you astray when attempting to choose the strain that best matches your requirements. It is not always as easy as “indica or sativa“; in reality, even two distinct indica could provide radically diverse reactions and one product might have varying effects based on the individual’s body chemistry. The real results rely upon its chemical make-up instead of its classifications.

Who Should be Hybrid Strains?

For people just starting out with cannabis or simply needing relief occasionally, hybrid strains are the perfect choice for a balanced experience that isn’t too powerful. With these mild psychoactive options, new users can explore different effects and medical patients can find what works best during the day – without going overboard. Buy hybrid weed online with TropicExotic weed delivery online. The effects of cannabis vary from person to person because everyone’s body chemistry and metabolism are different. Fortunately, hybrid strains make it easy for anyone to find the perfect high!

How To Consume Hybrids?

Create your own best experience with the extensive selection of hybrid cannabis. Whether you’re a fan of vaping, smoking, eating or drinking these hybrids – there’s something to suit everyone’s preferences! By combining sativa and Indica genetics together in one strain, an extraordinary blend is created that provides sensations unavailable anywhere else. Get ready to experience the remarkable world of hybrid cannabis! Before beginning on this one-of-a-kind adventure, think about how marijuana can elevate your life and which products are ideal for you. You’ll find delectable pot-infused drinks along with premium buds that will please any palate. And if ever in doubt during your journey – we’re here to give advice every step of the way! Elevate each time by exploring all that cannabis has to offer!

Potential Risks and Side Effects

If you opt to experiment with hybrid cannabis, be aware of some mild and short-term side effects that could arise. These can range from the same type of reactions associated with either pure Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica strains:

  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Paranoia or hallucinations
  • Headache and/or nausea
  • Lightheadedness
  • Fatigue

If you’re a novice to cannabis or have accidentally overindulged, don’t panic – there are effective ways of reducing any unfavorable effects. Calming your body and snacking on some black peppercorns can help calm the physical sensations associated with consuming too much marijuana. Fortunately, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to die from an overdose; these negative experiences will be short-lived!

What Are the Popular Hybrid Strains?

With the vast selection of cannabis flower strains Toronto has to offer, selecting our top five picks was no simple task. Yet we could not be more thrilled to share with you these amazing cultivations for your next web order:



If a gentle yet potent medicinal marijuana is what you’re after, Cannatonic should be your go-to option! This renowned hybrid strain holds an impressive 12% CBD content coupled with only 7% THC. Moreover, its earthy aroma and tart citrus flavor create the best experience that cannot be found anywhere else – something to savor for sure! Don’t look further than our same day weed delivery in Toronto to get some of the finest quality Cannatonic Weed available around.

 White Widow

sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Since the 90s, White Russian, White Rhino and Blue Widow have been much-loved in cafés across the globe. It looks like this strain is here to stay; as more and more cultivators select it as their top choice – a testament of its enduring appeal! People just can’t get enough of the classic hybrid – proving that familiarity does indeed bring about loyalty.

 Wedding Cake aka Triangle Mints #23

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Wedding Cake was crowned the Leafly Strain of the Year in 2019, celebrated for its delightful citrusy taste derived from abundant limonene terpenes. You can get your hands on some by grabbing our weed delivery TropicExotic! However, due to its 25% THC content, caution should be taken when calculating how much you need-it really packs a punch!

 Runtz aka Runtz OG


For those searching for something unique and scrumptious, the Zkittlez x Gelato hybrid is an ideal selection! This strain won Leafly’s “Strain of the Year” award because it presents resinous buds in a variety of shades from dark purple to light lime green. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary choice – you won’t regret giving it a try!

 Pineapple Express

sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Uncover the delightful aroma and flavor of Pineapple Express – a hybrid strain crafted from Trainwreck and Hawaiian genetics. Did you know it even has its own movie? That’s how renowned this strain actually is! Don’t be overwhelmed with all the different hybrids, because visiting your local cannabis store will provide imperative guidance to find strains that perfectly suit you- start today!

FAQ about Hybrid

What is a hybrid car?

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How does a hybrid car work?

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What are the benefits of driving a hybrid car?

Some benefits of driving a hybrid car include better fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and lower fuel costs. Additionally, some hybrid cars have advanced features like regenerative braking, which can help to extend the life of the car’s brakes.

Are hybrid cars more expensive than traditional gasoline-powered cars?

Hybrid cars can be more expensive than traditional gasoline-powered cars, but they also often have better fuel efficiency, which can save drivers money over time. Additionally, some governments offer incentives for purchasing hybrid cars, which can help to offset the higher cost.

How long do the batteries in hybrid cars last?

The lifespan of hybrid car batteries can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the make and model of the car, how the car is driven, and how well the battery is maintained. However, many hybrid car batteries are designed to last for the life of the vehicle.

Can hybrid cars be charged with a regular electrical outlet?

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Are hybrid cars good for the environment?

Hybrid cars are generally considered to be better for the environment than traditional gasoline-powered cars, as they produce fewer emissions and use less fuel. However, their environmental impact can still vary depending on how they are manufactured and how they are used.