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La Kush
Black Bubba
Cali Dream
Dream Cake
LA Kush
Og Gas
Pink Guava
4 Pack ($100.00)
Single ($30.00)
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Breaking Dab Shatter

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1/16oz (1g)
1/4 oz
Hybrid - Tropicana Cookies
Sativa - Frozen Lemon


Breaking Dab Shatter

Citrus Farmer - Sativa
Colorado Sunset - Hybrid
Dancehall - Sativa
Dopemine - Indica
Genghis Chron - Indica
High School Sweetheart - Sativa
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Dab Habit Shatter

Animal Crackers - Hybrid
Biscotti - Hybrid
Blue Dream - Sativa
Burt Reynolds - Indica
Do Si Dos - Indica
E-85 - Hybrid
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DANK Shatter 1g & 7g

Cafe Racer-Sativa
Hybrid - Skunk No. 1
Pink Dream-Hybrid
Sativa - Gypsy Haze
Sativa - Sour Diesel
Purple Kush - Indica
1g ($25.00)
7g ($140.00)
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Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $25.00.


Gas Station Shatter

7-Pack ($140.00)
Single ($25.00)
Blue Fin tuna
Death Bubba
Death Star
Diamond Pink
Gas Mask
El Chapo
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Apple Fritter - Hybrid
Biscotti - Hybrid
Blue Cheese - Indica
Blue Dream - Hybrid
Blue Gelato - Indica
Durban Poison - Sativa
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Order Concentrates Online in Toronto

If you’re just getting started in the cannabis world, exploring concentrates might seem intimidating. There’s a range of chemical profiles available for each type of concentrate which can help guide your decision on what will best meet your desired effects and advantages. So don’t hesitate – dive into this fascinating world today!

To get an understanding of what product will work for you, looking into the production process is key! With TropicExotic, customers age 19 and above can enjoy same day delivery of the best marijuana in Toronto. Knowing about the difficulty levels associated with each type of concentrate helps you to keep track of how much THC you are consuming and stay within your limit.

What are cannabis concentrates?

Are you seeking an extreme cannabis experience? Look no further than cannabis concentrates! These concentrated resins offer a profoundly powerful combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, with some reaching four times the potency found in common buds. Cannabis extracts come in various forms and packaging, from small round containers that look like lip-balm to flat plastic bags. For this incredible experience, there’s only one place you need to shop — TropicExotic cannabis dispensary! Shop online today and unlock a whole new world of weed concentrates possibilities. The consistency and compound profile of the concentrate are both determined by which extraction method has been used – influencing not only its texture but also its strength.

How to smoke and dab concentrates

Are you ready to experience cannabis in a whole new way? If so, then dabbing is the perfect activity for you! There are several specialized methods and tools involved with this form of concentrate consumption such as rigs, vapes, and nectar collectors. Begin your dabbing journey at TropicExotic weed delivery in Toronto, the perfect destination for all of your equipment and concentrate needs. With our experienced professionals ready to assist you every step of the way, start your dabbing experience off right! Get prepared for an incredible journey that will allow you to explore all the unique ways one can enjoy their favorite concentrates effortlessly!

Dab and rig

When it comes to consuming cannabis concentrates, dabbing is the way to go. To begin, you must assemble a filtration system with either glass or silicone components that are comparable to those used in bongs. Lastly, don’t forget this crucial detail: once your setup is complete, use an open flame torch on one side of your filtration system—this will enable your concentrate to ignite and thus result in optimal consumption!

Level up your smoking session by investing in a dab nail! This metal or glass piece is guaranteed to revolutionize your experience. Start by heating the surface of the nail before adding one of many malleable concentrate options – it’s that simple! Your chosen substance will begin vaporizing as soon as it touches the heated surface, allowing you to inhale flavorful smoke like with a traditional bong. You deserve this upgrade, so why wait?

Nectar collector

Dabbing has never been easier than with the revolutionary Nectar Collector. This tool looks just like a glass or silicone straw, and all you have to do is heat one end of it up with your torch flame then tap the concentrate onto that area while inhaling through its top! Not only does this make dabbing simple, but nectar collectors also offer  best convenience when it comes to storage and preparation. Use mail order marijuana from our Toronto’s best online dispensary for some of the best weed strains and concentrates. Enjoy an immensely pleasurable experience every time you use your Nector Collector – what are you waiting for?


The trend of vaping cannabis concentrates is skyrocketing for a good reason! To partake in this form of dabbing, you need THC or CBD extract filled cartridges and batteries that heat them up. When combined together they are called weed pens/vapes, which come with their own distinct edge: they’re small enough to hide away anywhere while also being incredibly easy to operate. Out of all the ways I’ve consumed marijuana extracts, nothing surpasses vaping – it remains my top pick hands down!

Pros and cons of smoking concentrates

By choosing to partake in cannabis concentrates, you’ll be able to benefit from various advantages. However, it is essential that you mind the potential risks associated with smoking these products. Weed smokers are often exposed to chemical contaminants during solvent extraction and should take appropriate precautions when deciding if this form of smoking fits their lifestyle. It is essential to be wise and deliberate when selecting a weed dispensary near me. Our Toronto online store provides the perfect choice, as we offer mail order marijuana services of incomparable quality and convenience with same day weed delivery! To guarantee your safety and health while still enjoying a fulfilling high experience, research ways on how best to filter smoke!


  • Studies published in the Journal of Cannabis Research indicate that isolating cannabis compounds presents us with an exciting opportunity to manufacture concentrates specifically tailored for a myriad of preferences and needs among marijuana users.
  • Utilizing the technique of isolation and extraction, potent compounds that produce desirable psychoactive effects are extracted to create purified concentrates. This refining process delivers a considerably intensified experience for users while guaranteeing superior quality.
  • When compared to flowers, concentrates contain a much more distinctive chemical composition. With this understanding of the compounds we ingest, it is easier to make informed decisions when considering our health and wellbeing.


  • Concentrated cannabis products can be significantly more potent than traditional forms, which makes them a potentially dangerous choice for inexperienced smokers. If ingested in excessively large amounts, the active components found inside concentrates may lead to unfavorable outcomes such as panic attacks, heart palpitations and paranoia. To avoid any undesirable effects from occurring due to overindulgence, it is highly recommended that new users take extra precaution when experimenting with concentrated products.
  • Not only is it concerning that the National Institute on Drug Abuse has found 80% of tested cannabis concentrates are contaminated by fertilizers, pesticides, and solvents used in cultivation and extraction processes; but even more alarming is that these hazardous residue can remain present.
  • It is of paramount importance to be mindful of your torch’s heat levels when dabbing. Even a minor misstep can result in injury or worse, injure someone else! To avoid any burning mishaps and ensure everyone enjoys the experience safely, practice precaution while smoking concentrates. Do not take risks that may leave lasting physical scars on yourself or those around you; make safety the top priority for an enjoyable session.

Different extraction methods 

By utilizing the extraction process, we can explore cannabis extracts and discover their potent beneficial and psychotropic compounds. With continual improvements in technology providing us a definitive knowledge of marijuana’s components, we are now empowered to create distinct kinds of cannabis concentrates!

By delving into the chemical makeup of cannabis, we are privy to an abundance of potential advantages. With cannabis delivery TropicExotic, all customers aged 19 or older can order marijuana concentrates in Toronto. By taking advantage of a variety of extraction methods, we can pinpoint which compounds would be most useful for our needs – such as cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and more! With this remarkable plant at our fingertips, let us embark on a mesmerizing voyage loaded with thrilling possibilities!

By understanding the distinctions between extraction techniques, we can craft cannabis extracts to meet our specific requirements in terms of taste and potency. With numerous extraction methods out there, these concentrates are available in a variety of options. If you’re new to consuming concentrates, knowing about each process along with its advantages and drawbacks is essential for selecting one that fits your preferences perfectly.

Solvent extractions

Consumers can now enjoy an intensely pleasurable experience with the help of cannabis isolates, crafted precisely through extraction methods involving ethanol, propane, hexane and butane. By purifying these components into concentrated form with solvent evaporation, consumers gain access to desirable compounds which they wouldn’t have necessarily been able to uncover before.


If you’re looking for a powerful dose of cannabinoids, Isolate Concentrates is the answer. Our advanced extraction process permits us to remove any unwanted elements from our concentrate until it reaches its maximum strength and efficacy. With Isolate Concentrates, you are guaranteed only high-grade potency that works! By taking this approach, you can be sure that our concentrates are free from any additives and only contain pure CBD or THC! At TropicExotic weed dispensary we offer same day delivery and mail order marijuana (MOM) services for all customers at age off 19. Then, heat and agitation are used to encourage crystallization in order to ensure that our isolates attain the highest possible potency when consumed.


Distillate production is similar to isolated extraction, yet it doesn’t provide complete cannabinoid isolation; consequently resulting in less potent products than isolates. Yet this approach provides consumers with a more balanced experience since multiple cannabinoids are present instead of just one from an isolate.

Live resin

In contrast to the traditional extraction methods, live resin production uses powerful elements of cannabis such as terpenes, cannabinoids and essential compounds by quickly freezing it prior to extracting them through hydrocarbon butane or propane. This process helps preserve all the plant’s finest attributes in their purest form before they are oxidized. Buy concentrates at TropicExotic online cannabis store. Due to this increased potency, many people prefer these live resin extracts for a variety of reasons; thus why its popularity has grown significantly over time.


BHO, or “butane hash oil,” is the term used to describe any cannabis concentrate that has been extracted with only butane. Used within this extraction process gives the finished product a far more powerful consistency than other methods, making it unsurpassed in quality and strength.

Solventless extractions

Cannabis connoisseurs are turning away from solvents and towards cleaner extraction processes like heat and pressure, ice and agitation or sifting. The risk of residual contaminants in solvent-based extracts has become too high for many consumers to ignore, prompting them to make the switch to safer practices instead.


When you’re seeking a straightforward and efficient way to develop high-quality cannabis substances, rosin is the response. By leveraging minimal temperatures in tandem with great pressure, it’s simple to draw out both therapeutic and psychoactive compounds without needing any extended isolation or reworking! Amazingly enough, creating your own rosin isn’t complicated at all – these are the only items that you need:

  • Cannabis flower, kief, or hash
  • Parchment paper
  • Flat iron


Hash, or hashish, is a potent form of cannabis that requires no solvent extraction. It’s made up entirely of trichome resins found on the marijuana plant – those minute glands known to produce highly effective cannabinoids and terpenes in the industry. With pride and commitment, TropicExotic is proud to deliver Mail Order Marijuana across Canada – from the East coast of Toronto through British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba! No matter your location in this vast country we have you covered. Research from Frontiers in Plant Science even attests that these same trichomes are essential for providing consumers with exceptional cannabis products.

The cannabis plant yields a glimmering and sugary plant covering, made of trichomes and resin. This distinctive coating can be harvested as kief which is then heated to dryness for smoking. When the ideal balance of heat and pressure are combined, this powdery substance transforms into an unbelievably robust hash form!

Unveiling the aromatic trichomes to craft hash is no small feat, and with so many different methods to choose from, it can be difficult determining which one will produce the most desirable taste and potency. To help make your decision easier, here’s an in-depth look at three major types of hash extraction processes.

Types of hash

Bubble hash

Bubble hash has become increasingly popular among cannabis users, making it a process that can’t be disregarded. To create this incredibly pure end product, basic tools and knowledge is all you need to get started right in the comfort of your own home! Simply place some cannabis buds into multiple filtration bags with ice water and agitate; trichomes and resin will separate from other plant matter – voila!

After undergoing a series of filtration processes, trichomes and resin are then extracted, dried off, and squeezed into hash. TropicExotic makes it even easier by allowing customers to conveniently order cannabis online in Canada, ensuring they have access to only top quality concentrates. This is followed by an accurate weighing process before the product being stored for sale in dispensaries. Rather than opting to purchase ready-made products, why not try crafting your very own batch and see just how effortless it can be?

Dry ice hash

The production process of dry ice hash  is similar to that of traditional ice hash, with the added advantage that you don’t need water for your preparation! When Dry Ice melts it converts directly into carbon dioxide which eliminates the wait time for trichomes and resin drying before pressing. If you desire  best smoking experience, then look no further than dry ice hash – guaranteed satisfaction! Dry ice hash offers an unrivaled experience, utilizing a process that removes trichomes and resin from cannabis for a much cleaner, more potent result. This will take your next bowl to the next level – providing you with an out-of-this-world high!

Dry shift hash

If you’re looking for an efficient, solvent-free extraction technique, then dry sift hash is the perfect solution. To begin this process, cannabis buds and trim must be mixed together before being chopped into smaller pieces that are passed through several levels of filters with varying sizes and materials. Through this filtration method, only the best quality ingredients remain in your extractions. Now that you have harvested and filtered the trichomes and resin, it is time to press them into hash. This process can be easily learnt at home – no muscle power necessary! However, do not forget about the classic unpressed kief option; just pile up your bowl for a sensational experience!

Different characteristics of cannabis concentrates: oil, wax, crumble, & shatter

Congratulations on taking this stride forward in your concentrate knowledge! Now it’s time to supercharge that understanding by familiarizing yourself with some of the exclusive features, industry terms and of course — give them a try. Concluding with an educational experience is never as satisfying as having hands-on training when it comes to concentrates. So why not give them a go? You might be surprised at how quickly they become your favorite solution for feeling elevated whenever you want!

Oil concentrates

Compared to other cannabis extracts, oil concentrates boast a considerably thinner consistency. Weed vapes or dab droppers are typically made with THC and CBD oils that range in color from clear to dark brown and have the stickiness of sap – otherwise known as “sap.” One of my most treasured ways to consume this concentrate is by adding it on top of a joint/blunt before sprinkling kief over the mix. This potent pair creates  best smoking experience!

Wax extracts

Wax extracts are manufactured through a creaming process that incorporates air into the concentrate and changes its texture from solid to easily spreadable. This wax extract has an alluring shade ranging between light yellow-brown and dark brown, evoking comparisons of earwax or frosting cream in appearance.


Budders, akin to the wax-like texture of extracts, are formed through a slightly complex process involving whipping. This results in an aerial mixture that ranges from light yellow to dark brown and mirrors the consistency of whipped butter or cake batter. Unsurprisingly enough, budder is frequently incorporated into joints or blunts due to its unique airy structure!

Crumble “honeycomb”

Introducing Crumble! This light-yellow, crumbly concentrate which resembles a pie crust mix has it all. It’s unbelievably smooth texture and convenience make it the perfect choice for smokers looking to add extra strength to their bowl of flower. At TropicExotic, our customers can enjoy the convenience of ordering cannabis from us online and experience Canada’s best concentrates in Toronto. Plus, its versatility allows you to easily enjoy it solo or as an addition on top of your favorite buds – consumers are going crazy over this powerful extract! So if you’re in search of something strong enough to stand alone or amplify the potency of your smoke session , crumble is here with just that kind power.


Looking to experience cannabis like you’ve never felt before? Shatter is the ideal choice! Also known as “glass,” this brittle and delicate concentrate can range from yellow to dark brown in color, similar to that of hardened caramelized sugar. Dabbing has become the most popular way for consuming shatter due its immense potency – one dab safely carries enough effects for four or five people. Let your senses be taken over by shatta today!


Anything from a crystal-clear clarity to a yellow, cloudy tint can be seen in isolated CBD or THC products. These unique concentrates often appear like small quartz crystals and are referred to as ‘diamond isolate crystals’. Out of all the options I’ve tried personally, my favorite has always been wizard stones!

Terp sauce

Terp Sauce is a premier concentrate with an abundance of terpenes and intense flavor. Not to mention, its beautiful amber or transparent brown hue has earned it the nickname “sauce”. What could be better? When you pair Terp Sauce with isolates crystals — enter: “Sauce on The Rocks!” A heavenly combination that spells out potency and deliciousness!

 Consider using a cannabis concentrate smoking filter

Now that you are armed with an understanding of the different sorts of cannabis concentrates, it is prudent to converse with a medical professional in order to guarantee safe usage. To gain all-encompassing knowledge about possible risks and therapeutic or psychoactive properties associated with marijuana extracts, do your due diligence before trying any form of cannabis. Taking these additional steps will ensure an educated and intelligent experience when exploring marijuana products.

Enhance your cannabis experience with The Mouthpiece Filter – an ingenious device that enables you to take advantage of marijuana’s positive benefits without any risk of hurting your lungs. With this filter system, not only do you get more out of your bud, but also safeguard yourself from potential pulmonary damage associated with inhalation. So why settle for anything less when it comes to smoking? Experience the full advantages while protecting what matters most!

 Where Can You Purchase Cannabis Concentrates?

Are you seeking your go-to cannabis concentrate or eager to discover something new? Our friendly budtenders are ready and waiting to answer any questions that may arise during your visit. They take great pride in helping passionate marijuana connoisseurs like yourself! So, what are you hesitating for? If you’re searching for an amazing selection of top-notch concentrates, TropicExotic’s Toronto weed dispensary has got you covered! We have everything from the most popular products to all the necessary tools for consumption. Drop by now and explore the amazing selection of cannabis concentrates we have on offer!


Are you searching for the trendiest products and information on what is trending in the concentrate market? Look no further than our store! Our dedicated budtenders have consulted with customers, heard their inquiries, and are here to advise you. For those considering concentrate shopping, here’s a snippet of their valuable advice:

Is there a difference between concentrates and extracts?

There is no doubt: “Concentrates” are products derived from marijuana flower, and can be either solventless or involve solvents containing cannabinoids and terpenes. Extracts belong to the concentrate family as well; however, they use solvents so that it pulls out cannabinoid and terpene components from its source plant material accurately. While extracts might qualify as concentrates, not every concentrate is an extraction!

How potent are marijuana concentrates?

Concentrates are a superior form of cannabis products, offering astounding levels of THC up to 90% and above!

Why are concentrates more potent than flowers?

Consuming flowers not only provides you with the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, but also other compounds that further amplify its effects without any psychoactive properties. This powerful combination creates an entourage effect which is like nothing else – allowing you to experience a heightened cannabinoid experience! Concentrates give you the most intense cannabinoid and terpene experience without any extra plant material that might impede maximum absorption. Consequently, concentrates will always be far more potent than flower-derived products.

How many types of concentrates are there?

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, we have outlined eight of its most popular concentrates. However, that’s only the tip of what is yet to come – you can expect more cutting-edge and stimulating concentrates on your local shelves soon!