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Order Cannabis Self Care Topicals Online in Toronto

Topicals are one of the oldest types of cannabis, but not many people know about them. Some people think they are boring. You can find topicals in lotions or creams that help with things like getting old, playing sports, or cramps from your period. Topicals are not as easy to sell as other cannabis products, but everyone can still benefit from them. In fact, you can even make your own at home! Check out this guide on topicals to learn more about them.

What is a cannabis self care topical?

Self care topicals are a form of cannabis-based product designed to be applied directly onto the skin. Unlike other ways of taking marijuana, these can’t be smoked or ingested – they need to stay on the skin for their effects to occur and will not function like products created for internal consumption if taken any other way. TropicExotic weed dispensary is proud to offer same day delivery for all our customers aged 19 and older, so you can get the best cannabis self-care products whenever it’s convenient for you! In fact, consuming topical products is so unlikely that it rarely produces any outcome whatsoever!

Looking for the perfect cannabis product? At TropicExotic, we want to make sure our customers experience the best cannabis self-care products on their own terms. That’s why we offer same day delivery of all orders for individuals aged 19 and over! Look no further than your local dispensary. From classic creams and balms to contemporary body oils and sexual lubricants, there’s something here for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a skin care boost or an extra energizing feeling, we have it all – choose from sprays, transdermal patches that are infused with cannabis ingredients, scented bath salts and bombs – whatever offers you your desired effect!

By utilizing topicals, you can reap the rewards of either THC or CBD. Yet to take your wellness regime to a whole new level, why not try these newer formulas available on the market? These products contain CBN, THCV, CBDA and THCA which are all powerful agents that deliver unique healing benefits when applied directly onto skin.

How do topicals work?

Topicals are different from other marijuana products because you don’t breathe them in. THC and CBD become active when you breathe them in or eat them. This makes you “high.” Topicals don’t make you high because they stay where you put them on your body.

Our body has a complicated system called the endocannabinoid system. This system controls how our body works, like digestion and immunity. THC affects mostly CB1 receptors in the brain and nervous system. Buy self care products online with TropicExotic same day weed delivery or mail order marijuana service . This makes people feel happy or drunk. But CB2 receptors are in different parts of the body, like organs and skin cells. When cannabinoids touch these receptors, it can cause different reactions.

Our skin protects us from harmful substances and makes it hard for cannabinoids to enter. Most commercial topicals will not make you high, but they will still stimulate the cannabinoid receptors in your skin. They are different from other products because they can provide targeted relief for inflammation, nerve pain, arthritis and muscle cramps as well as migraines at the source.

Best Infused Products for Cannabis Self Care

To make cannabis self care effortless and accessible to all, we have compiled a list of our most sought-after infused products. We’ve divided this expansive collection into five distinct categories for your convenience to guarantee the perfect selection for you!


Pain is something that everyone experiences at some point in their life. However, it is how we react to pain that makes all the difference.

If you have sore or tight muscles and joints, try using an infused topical. These creams provide different amounts of CBD and THC for optimum relief, as well as other traditional topical technologies such as warming or cooling capabilities.

Bath Bombs

Kush Queen has created two luxurious bath bombs, Relax and Relieve, to make your bath even more relaxing. These bath bombs contain the perfect ratio of THC to CBD, along with 25 mg of each, to provide the ultimate sensory experience. So just sit back and enjoy your bath with these amazing Infused Bath Bombs!


Foria’s Pleasure THC-infused lubricant is a great way to make sex even better! It can be hard to get in the mood sometimes, but this product can help. This lube is good for when a girl wants to have sex. It makes it more enjoyable and easier. Many people have said good things about it.

With Foria’s Pleasure lubricant, you can choose from two sizes! Order cannabis topical at our Toronto’s Best Online Dispensary to relax. At TropicExotic weed dispensary we offer same day delivery for all customers at age off 19. The 10 ml bottle contains 147 mg of THC and provides up to 50 servings. But if that’s not enough for your needs, the 30 ml volume holds 513 mg – versatile enough to give you an extended experience.

Muscle Freeze

If you desire a luxurious cannabis-infused self-care treatment, Mary’s Medicinals’ Muscle Freeze is the right option for you. As one of Canada’s foremost medical marijuana brands, this lotion will not disappoint – it meets all expectations! This lotion is special because it contains full-spectrum cannabis oil, massage oil, and menthol. This perfect balance between an icy-hot lotion and a genuine marijuana topical produces extraordinary effects! Each 1.5 oz container contains 146 mg CBD as well as 5.53 mg THC.

Body Oil

In comparison to topical treatments that typically target pain or inflammation, body oils are ideal for massage therapies. Not only do they help reduce the tension and soreness we inevitably accumulate with age, but also make an excellent addition to any cannabis-based self-care routine.

Don’t miss the incredible advantages of Papa & Barkley Relief Body Lotion! Not only does this lotion contain a potent combination of THC and CBD for superior relief, but it is also enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter to maintain your skin’s hydration. Now you can treat yourself to supreme cannabis self-care in one product – take advantage now and feel your best today!

Ways to use cannabis for self-care in high stress times

It is important to take time for ourselves. This is called self-care. It is okay to be selfish sometimes. If we do not take care of ourselves, we might get very tired, angry, or sick. Cannabis can help us take care of ourselves.

In these ‘Roaring Twenties’, it is more important than ever to take care of ourselves. We are dealing with a pandemic, social distancing, protests, and changes to our government. Pamper yourself with an easy, hassle-free purchase of the best CBD-influenced self care topicals in Toronto at TropicExotic cannabis store- the perfect destination for your online cannabis needs! A hundred years ago during this era in Canada, people were not allowed to drink alcohol and women were fighting for the right to vote. Both of these things eventually changed. Now we are facing one of the most important (and difficult!) presidential elections ever, and there is another restriction that needs to end: cannabis prohibition!

This year, let’s take care of ourselves by using cannabis. Cannabis can help us heal both our minds and bodies. Here are nine ways to use cannabis for self-care:

Meditate on marijuana

Many people in Canada have been told things about marijuana that are not true. For example, some people think that it is not possible to take too much marijuana, but this has been proven to be false by science. However, it is still important to be aware of the potential for psychological dependence on marijuana. Additionally, some people think of marijuana as a “gateway drug” that leads users to try more dangerous drugs. However, research has shown that this is not the case. In fact, you are more likely to encounter dangerous drugs like cocaine if you drink alcohol than if you smoke marijuana. In some cultures, such as Rastafarian culture in the Caribbean, marijuana use and appreciation takes on different meanings as cannabis there is considered sacred.

Despite being informed, we can all benefit from learning more about marijuana and its detrimental past. After delving into this topic, you may be astounded by the facts that have remained unknown to us—but with greater understanding comes less guilt. At TropicExotic, we’re proud to provide mail order marijuana services to Toronto and all Canadian provinces; from British Columbia in the west, Alberta and Saskatchewan in-between, Manitoba to the east – no matter where you are or how far away you live! So let’s focus on celebrating cannabis this year without any reservations! With the understanding of our history in mind, we can finally take concrete steps towards change and progress.

Experiment with dosing

If someone tells me that cannabis makes them feel anxious, I tell them to try a low-dose edible with 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD. Then they should take a bath to relax. THC is safe to experiment with, but remember that it is still an illegal drug; so be careful when exploring your own comfortable dose levels before 2020. Once you find the amount of cannabis that helps you, keep track of how it helps with social anxiety, headaches, and when music and colors seem more vibrant. Remember that cannabis can have psychedelic effects in larger doses. So if microdosing isn’t working, sometimes people need a larger dose to have an “ego death” experience.

Use cannabis bath products

Don’t just trust the data; experience the remarkable benefits of cannabis for yourself! Consider submerging your body in a bath with CBD oil or an infused bomb, allowing you to soak up marijuana’s calming and pain-reducing powers. From soothing sore feet to treating epilepsy, it is clear that cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties are undeniable. Embrace its advantages by letting them completely envelop you!

Keep a topical at your desk

If you are someone who spends hours typing away in front of a computer, then your wrists may be feeling the strain which can lead to tendonitis and carpal tunnel. CBD topicals provide an excellent way to soothe inflammation, tension and related discomfort. Keep some at hand for regular massage sessions during breaks or while working! With this medicated salve, you will be able to give yourself a relaxing break every few hours that work as part of your job requires.

 Use cannabis as a nutritional supplement

THC is a cannabis component that used to be the most popular. It can make users feel happy and excited. Nowadays, CBD is becoming more popular. It is fashionable in its own right. Fusing together, cannabinoids and terpenes create a wide array of compounds that possess several nutritional benefits – including protein, fatty acids and essential minerals like phosphorus, potassium and magnesium! As you look for innovative ways to incorporate cannabis into your lifestyle this year; why not try adding some hemp milk or seeds into your morning smoothie? It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to how we approach healthful alternatives.

 Explore different intake methods

Are you used to loading your THC vaporizer or CBD tincture each night? Why not take a step further and discover the wonders of cannabis for self-care? Have you ever considered using a vaginal suppository specifically designed to alleviate period cramps? We guarantee it will be more effective than anything else. Expand your relationship with this plant beyond what is familiar and explore something new – we can assure its healing power!

Add it to your sex life

De-stress your mind and body with cannabis suppositories! When inserted either vaginally or anally, they can help to increase blood flow in the area while diminishing the pain without losing all feeling. Additionally, research suggests that consuming marijuana together may even better intimacy levels due to its power in lowering our negative outlooks. Take advantage of TropicExotic’s online cannabis store and mail order marijuana service to purchase a variety of luxurious CBD and cannabis-infused self-care products. For those into kink play – apply a topical lotion made from cannabis on areas of impact after spanking for maximum delight!

Know your local laws

You might be able to get a medical card if you have a medical condition. This card allows you to possess and use cannabis. You can also try growing your own cannabis plants. But it is important to know the laws in your state or country first. Understanding the laws will help you stay out of trouble and be a good citizen.

Use cannabis to heal

While it might not be a good idea to smoke when you have a sinus infection, cannabis could help a lot. THC and CBD can act as natural painkillers and also help us relax. So next time you’re sick, think about using cannabinoid tincture to help you recover. We need all of our revolutionaries at full capacity so we can make history!

Use cannabis to heal

Undoubtedly, smoking is an ill-advised decision when you have a sinus infection. However, cannabis has been scientifically verified to contain multiple anti-inflammatory properties that can be beneficial in alleviating inflammation – the source of many illnesses. The two main components of marijuana, THC and CBD act as natural pain relievers and may also aid restful sleep; therefore it would definitely make sense to integrate some CBD tincture into your healing plan if illness strikes again! After all, we must utilize every asset possible since the revolution is now underway!

Do topicals get you high?

Generally, topicals won’t give you a high nor appear in drug tests. This applies to the vast majority of topical formulas as they’re only absorbed into our dermis and interact with local receptors there – meaning that they don’t cross through our blood barrier and thus won’t change your mental state or be detected on regular drug testing.

Quite to the contrary, cannabis-based lubricants and sexual wellness products have become a flourishing industry. Not only do they intend to promote arousal and stimulation, but also offer an array of options – including water-based or oil-based varieties. Some even contain absorption enhancers that penetrate into your bloodstream when applied topically. With numerous permeable membranes in the genital area, these lubes can provide various unimaginable benefits specially designed for you!

Transdermal topicals, such as gels or patches, are the perfect way to get relief without any extra effort. When applied to a venous area of skin – like your inner wrist or on the top of your foot – these products slowly distribute cannabinoids into your body over several hours for lasting results. TropicExotic, Toronto’s premier cannabis delivery service, provides the highest quality of marijuana products to all eligible customers aged 19 and over across Canada. When certain cannabis formula components, such as increased penetration agents, are applied to the skin in a transdermal patch, research conducted on rats has demonstrated that THC may enter the bloodstream. Due to this phenomenon of topical absorption, utilizing products with THC can lead to intoxication and even failed drug tests.

CBD vs THC Topicals: What is the Difference?

If you’re having trouble choosing between CBD and THC topicals, consider the special properties of each. If it’s relief from inflammation, pain or migraines that you need, then go with a topical containing CBD – its ability to penetrate the skin 10 times faster than THC makes it perfect for targeting those particular issues. On the other hand if spasticity in your muscles or difficulty sleeping is what plagues you, choose one made out of THC instead: this compound will give your body much-needed rest! Make sure to take into account all symptoms before deciding which topical suits you best. Whether you select a THC topical or CBD product is totally up to you – but if the effects of one don’t suit your preferences, why not try swapping for the other?

How Much Should I Use?

With other forms of CBD, people recommend that everyone starts with the same small dose. But with topicals, some people might need more and some might need less. Start with a small amount and then put on more if it’s not working. You will know it is working when your symptoms start to go away. Before using the product on your body, we recommend that you test it on a small area like your elbow or knee. That way, you can avoid any allergic reactions.

How to Pick the Right Cannabis Topical For You?

Topicals are good for you or other people because they’re easy to use, don’t cost much, and you can see results quickly. But before you buy one, there are a few things to think about.

Think carefully about your budget, how much you need, and what you want before choosing a product. This will help you get the best results.