Greasy Pink Popcorn Smalls – Limited Special


Greasy Pink, also known as “Greasy Pink Bubba” is a tantalizing hybrid strain (comprised of 70% indica/30% sativa) crafted by combining the classic and heavenly genetics from Bubba Kush with the sweetly scented notes of Pink Kush. Greasy Pink Bubba, named for its elite parentage and attractive features, is an ideal choice for those who appreciate classic indicas. As the name implies, it has breathtaking small spade-shaped nugs that are forest green in color with thick dark amber hairs. On top of all this beauty lies a dusting of white trichomes which have a delightful pink tint and exude sugary sticky resin. As you savor each greasy morsel, scents of sweet flowers, piquant diesel and herbal notes are released that become increasingly aromatic the longer you toke. It boasts a gentle flavor with undertones of sweetness that is complemented by spicy diesel aromas and a resinous punch of tanginess. The Greasy Pink high will sneak up on you shortly after your final exhale, slowly entering your mind before suddenly kicking in with its full force. Surrender yourself to a serene but blissful state that will leave you feeling utterly amazing and almost unable to concentrate. This elated sensation will quickly evolve into a sedative one, causing you to succumb to drowsiness in no time at all. Greasy Pink has become renowned for treating chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea, insomnia and mood swings/depression with its powerful THC level of 22-25%.

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